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Fire Retardant Carpets and Rugs

Here at Sanskriti Furnishing we take extra care of your furniture by protecting it from hazards like fire. We make carpets and rugs that are Fire Retardant. In a condensed liquid treatment, we use intumescent additives to generate a barrier during a fire between the ignited section and the untouched part of the carpet. This stops the flame from spreading to the rest of the product through a process called thermal shielding. We also make hearth rugs, or fireplace rugs, that are designed to prevent possible damage to floors due to escaping coals or embers from an open fireplace. Most versions are both highly decorative and meet top flame retardancy standards, allowing them to add to the room decor while preventing unwanted damage to floor surfaces.

Installation of wooden flooring

When you are thinking about having a new wooden floor you may be worried about installing it. Here at Sanskrit Furnishing we have an average of more than 2 decades of experience of installations and tear-outs. When it comes to wood floor installation and repairs, you can depend on our worry-free guarantee.

Consultancy Services

Our team works closely with the clients to work out the costing, time and ambience expected. We also advise our clients on layout options, furniture analysis, artwork and plants, space management and material procurement to ensure quality. We work with renowned architects and interior designers who have years of experience in designing and execution.